The PACE® Organization’s Team-Building Seminar/Workshop

This two day PACE® Team Building Seminar/ Workshop provides a unique opportunity for team members to actively explore and apply proven techniques for enhancing personal and organizational excellence.



This two day PACE® Team Building Seminar/ Workshop provides a unique opportunity for team members to actively explore and apply proven techniques for enhancing personal and organizational excellence.

Participants leave the PACE® seminar with:

• Powerful new insights about their own personality style and others’.
• A clearer understanding of the dynamics of effective human behavior.
• Improved communications skills applicable at work and home.
• Techniques for diminishing stress and responding well to pressure.
• Enhanced ability to build team spirit and cooperative efforts.
• Ways for revising negative attitude patterns which block effectiveness.
• A system for achieving goals more quickly and easily.
• The ability to enhance individual and organizational self-esteem.
• An understanding of the link between accountability and excellence.
• A set of tools with which to enhance growth in others.
• A renewed commitment to excellence and personal growth.

PACE® is not simply a lecture about effective human behavior-it’s a dynamic, participative experience which has an immediate and lasting positive effect on how people see themselves, their relationships, their jobs and their future. Members of the PACE® group are not embarrassed or “put on the spot”-but there is always an open forum and a completely safe opportunity to discuss, challenge and practice the ideas and methods which are being explored.

PACE® is an exciting adventure-a guided tour through the best contemporary understanding of what’s different about individuals and organizations that excel. It is based on solid, established psychological and behavioral principles, and focuses entirely on techniques for enhancing successful, productive behavior.

PACE® is a practical, thoroughly proven tool kit-a system for guiding and managing the constant process of change in very positive ways.

People truly are any organization’s most valuable asset. And PACE® helps everyone pull together to achieve the team’s goals, thereby creating more value for all stake holders.

The PACE®  Team-Building Seminar/Workshop-a program which has been an effective tool for the development of high-performance behavior for nearly forty years-can be tailored specifically for your organization. We confer with Human Resources and top management to focus the PACE® system on the exact areas in which they will have the greatest lasting effect on communications, coping with change, responding to pressures and improving commitment to the organization’s goals.

There are certainly some excellent reasons for enrolling your key people in the public PACE® seminars. For example, in the public session your executives will have the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other growth-oriented people from different businesses and professions.

However, an “in-house” PACE® Team-Building Seminar/Workshop provides the opportunity to apply the program directly to your company. And when your team members experience this important growth process together, it not only equips the entire group with PACE® insights and methods more quickly, but there is a special team spirit which results from the group having had a very significant and positive experience in common.

A sponsored PACE® seminar focuses on the current key concerns of top management and applies our methods to the company as well as to the individuals who make up the team. We put special emphasis on the concept of the organizational personality and on proven techniques for developing the climate and team commitment which will enhance the company’s success. Scheduling your own sponsored PACE® Team-Building seminar/Workshop is quite simple and cost effective.

Your staff selects the site, makes the travel and arrangements including accommodations, meeting room, beverage breaks and meals for the participants and for the instructor. We will be glad to offer suggestions regarding appropriate facilities and our staff works closely with the key people at the hotel or conference center to insure a successful meeting.

Companies that have made sponsored PACE® programs available to their key people include: McDonnell Douglas, Village Companies, Hughes Aircraft, Van Deventer & Hoch, Gallo Winery, Bell South Services, Nestlé, The U. S. Army and many other organizations in the U. S., Canada and Australia and all have found them so valuable that they have always scheduled additional PACE® programs to train additional key staff members. This is because PACE® provides a proven, practical tool kit which helps individuals and organizations make much better use of their skills and talents. It’s not a “quick fix” battery charger. PACE® always has a lasting positive impact on every aspect of the participants’ lives and the Company’s bottom line.