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Since its inception in 1991, The PACE® Palette, a dynamic tool for enhancing communication in the workplace has been successfully utilized by more than a half million in myriad types of companies and organizations.

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$50.00 – 37 pages (volume discounts apply)

Since its inception in 1992, The PACE® Palette, a dynamic tool for enhancing communication in the workplace has been successfully utilized by tens of thousands in myriad types of companies and organizations.  The PACE® Palette has no boundaries and transcends all types of organizations and participants.  It has been used equally as effectively for those in Executive roles and Leadership positions and those on the front lines in an organization or those who work in manual labor positions  (or should it read….front line workers?”  The PACE® Palette has been used by companies such as Wells Fargo, Citigroup and hundreds of others.  It has also been used by universities throughout the US such as Carnegie Mellon and dozens of others and a number of defense and government agencies. It has also been utilized by hospitals, other healthcare providers not to mention various churches, non-profit organizations and marriage counselors for relationship counseling.

The idea behind The PACE® Palette is simple:  There are four dominant personality types, one of which is typically predominant.  This is not new information and is familiar to many.  What is unique about The PACE® Palette is that everyone has all four COLORs (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green).  One may predominate, or two may be tied for first but they’re all there.  Everyone’s pattern is different, but each of us has-and needs all four in our everyday life.  The world needs each of the COLORs.  The department, the company, the family ….every group is enriched and empowered when all four COLORS and contributing.  The PACE® Palette is not a gimmick or a trick for manipulating others, nor is it intended to “pigeonhole: people.  It is simply a way for each of us to better understand others and ourselves in our continuing effort to grow and contribute to the world around us.  It is a powerful tool to increase our empathy for the people with whom we live and work, thereby improving the way we interact with others.

The PACE® Palette Leader’s Guide is essential for successfully conducting The PACE® Palette workshop.  There is no expensive or complicated certification process for becoming a PACE® facilitator for The PACE® Palette, Effective Communication Through Color or Conflict Resolution Through Color.  All that is required is the purchase of the appropriate Leader’s Guide(s).  This will ensure a successful and highly interactive workshop that will immediately improve and enhance relationships- all relationships, both professionally and personally.

The PACE® Palette Workshop is a unique combination of proven, practical and immediately applicable information.  It’s also a lot of fun for both the Leader and participants.  Each time you lead a group through The PACE® Palette process, you will learn more about our program.  You will also find the found COLORs consistently give similar input from group to group.

This Leader’s Guide contains suggestions for actions you can take to prepare for The PACE® Palette workshop and a script, which you can follow as closely as you wish.  Sooner or later you will be putting all of the presentation ideas into your own words and delivery style, but as you are getting started we hope that these suggestions will prove helpful to you.  We use four different icons to help you along each step of the way, and give additional thoughts you may wish to convey at different points of the presentation.  We have also included examples of flipchart pages, which you may or may not want to prepare in advance.

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