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Whether it be correlation between child temperament and parenting styles, adolescents coping styles in relation to the temperament, or simply differing styles of temperament between co-workers at the office – we are sure to have a product that will help you increase productivity and enhance communication.
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“The PACE™ Personality Profile (PACE™ Palette) has provided our staff with the knowledge about their instinctual characteristics and those on their team to be able to manage and work together more effectively. Simply knowing these characteristics and the patterns behind them also serves as a tool for developing your management style and techniques!”

Jill Staffne Human Resource Assistant Manager, State Bank & Trust

“We use PACE™ Palette with all our clients. It is an excellent tool to help people increase their awareness about what makes them tick as well as others. It is easy to understand so people can remember the information and put it to good use immediately. This tool helps to deflect potential conflicts as it provides a way to approach situations with increased tolerance and better communication.”

Cynthia Olmstead President TrustWorks Group, Inc.

This system is incredibly user- friendly, specifically when working with a church group. We used The PACE® Palette for a church leadership retreat and it was an amazing success. Though many of the participants had done a number of other inventories, everyone found this refreshing, fun and easy to understand and apply. In-fact it was such a tremendous success that we’re doing two follow-up sessions inviting all church ministry leaders and members to attend and participate! We’re excited to see how this will help our ministry leaders and church members find the right ministries to get involved in so as to better serve our church and community.

Cecil Calliste Jr. Vision Link Consulting LLC

“The PACE™ Palette is a very motivating exercise that promotes fantastic Team Building and self-learning. I recommend the PACE™ Palette program and look forward to using it again.”

Chris Tobey Factory Service Director, General Electric
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