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Jim Newman was blessed with a great gift;  he could distill the essence of what he called “high-performance behavior” into practical, easy-to-follow steps.  He devoted his life to sharing this gift with others.  Those of us fortunate enough to have known him are infinitely richer for it.  He is gone now, but this book, Release Your Brakes!© is his profound legacy.”-Lindsey L. Davidson, President & CEO, The PACE®Organization, Inc.

Release Your Brakes!©was written over 40 years ago (copywritten in 1977) by the PACE® Organization founder, the late James Newman.  In this exciting “roadmap” for success, his groundbreaking book features chapters on the following:

1)  Take charge of your life – Change, in your self and in your life, is inevitable.  You are guiding that process of change, and you have been doing so all of your life, by intent or by default.  Now is the time to decide what you want to accomplish, what kind of person you want to become and then make it happen, deliberately, intentionally.

2)  A system of release – A new approach to increased effectiveness and success.  Instead of “pressing” – trying harder to do better – release the wealth of unused potential which is available to you.

3)  Potential and performance – The key to more effective, productive use of your potential is to be found in the emotional patterns which you have adopted … how you feel about yourself, your job, your family and the rest of the world which surrounds you.

4)  The whole person system – The human mechanism is a complex system of complex systems.  Every change in any part of the Whole Person causes reactions or adjustments throughout the entire system.

5)  The conscious mental process – Four primarily conscious processes which account for a major segment of your behavior, and which function as the “programmer” in the development of your subconscious “REALITY” structure.

6)  The subconscious mental process – Three activities of your mental system which are largely automatic or subconscious play a vital role in guiding and directing your behavior.

7)  The care and feeling of attitudes – Patterns of information and emotion are the cumulative result of your own though/feeling processes, and the primary keys to effective behavior.

8)  The importance of childhood conditioning – When you were very young your emotion, positive and negative, played a particularly important role in the initial formation of many basic attitude patterns.

9)  You tend to act like yourself – The most important segment of your “REALITY” structure is the combination of information and feelings you have about yourself, and that self-image acts very much like the setting on a thermostat.

10)  Constructive imagination – Your imagination is a powerful tool which can be used to deliberately, purposefully change patterns of behavior and release your potential.

11) How to use constructive imagination – A proven six-step process with which you can apply Constructive Imagination to your own life.

12)  The high performance syndrome – The qualities which help individuals to function more effectively can also be strengthened in groups and in other people with whom you work and live.

13)  How goals release potential – Use Constructive Imagination to make your goals a vital part of your “REALITY” structure so that they release energy, stimulate creativity and expand awareness to achieve the goals more quickly and easily.

14)  Self-esteem  – a foundation for effective behavior – Your inner feelings of worth and value as a person have a direct impact on your ability to function effectively.

15)  You are “they” – You are a creature of choice, and you live with the consequences of your behavior.  How you feel about that cause and effect principle is either releasing or limiting your use of your potential.

16)  Building better bridges – You know a lot more about how to communicate with other people than you act like you know.  Here is the key emotional pattern which will help you to achieve higher levels of understanding in all of your relationships.

17)  There is a better way – All human beings are creative by nature.  Here are some ways that you can allow your innate creative abilities to flow more easily and more consistently to help you solve the puzzles of your life.

18)  Pressure-turn-on or tie-up? – Top performers in any field of endeavor are usually under the greatest pressures, yet they seem to do their best when the pressure is most intense.  Here’s how to respond to the real pressures of your life in a more positive, productive way.

19)  Learn how to relax – A simple technique for learning how to relax whenever you want to do so, and a practical application of this method to accelerate the changes you want to make in your “REALITY” structure.

20)  You are changing the world – As you direct and manage change in yourself and the various groups of which you are a part-and as you help others to release their potential-you are changing the world.  How, and in what direction, are you affection the future of the human race?

Release Your Brakes Now Available As An Ebook!
The PACE® Organization is excited to now offer Release Your Brakes as an electronic book! Get the "roadmap" for success and download it straight to your device today!