The PACE® Palette – Participant’s Set


The PACE® Palette Participant’s Set allows participants to experience a complete and comprehensive look at The PACE® Palette COLORs.

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Includes: The PACE® Palette PACE® Palette Participant’s Guide, The PACE® Palette Color Wheel and Empathy Card Tent Sign

The PACE® Palette Participant’s Set allows participants to experience a complete and comprehensive look at The PACE® Palette COLORs.  This set fully equips participants with everything they will need in order to immediately & dramatically enhance their communication, both professionally and personally.  The PACE® Palette has been utilized for over 20 years by more than a half million people to dramatically and immediately enhance their communication with others.  The PACE® Palette has been so widely received and embraced because it is practical, simple, memorable (this workshop has a lasting impression even years after the experience) and it also happens to be a great deal of fun!

The PACE® Palette is a color assessment tool designed to dramatically enhance communication in the workplace by utilizing a fun, non-threatening, easily adaptable tool.  This folder is complete with a Score Card, Four Color Cards (Red-Adventure, Yellow-Responsibility, Blue-Harmony & Green-Curiosity). We are each a combination of all four and by using this tool, there is no pigeonholing as, this is not an “either-or” situation.  We are all a combination of all four COLORS and The PACE® Palette allows participants to identify their dominant and secondary colors.  Each of these cards personifies the dominant traits of each color, or personality style & communication preference.  On the back of each of the color cards, suggestions and recommendations are made for communicating with that particular color.

As a result of this highly interactive, memorable & profoundly enlightening workshop, participants will be able to quickly identify their “dominant” and “secondary” colors, easily identify the dominant color of those around them (co-workers, clients, supervisors, even significant others in their lives) and most importantly as a result, they will immediately have the tools in place to effectively communicate with others that may have a different color temperament. By doing so, participants will ultimately achieve the results they are seeking.  This tool can be adapted to every environment and has been widely used in the banking and insurance industries. It is equally as applicable in a large corporate environment as a smaller organization.  It has also been enthusiastically received by universities, public schools, hospitals, various government agencies, churches for marriage counseling and is universal in its application.

The PACE® Palette Participant’s Set is highly recommended in order to achieve the deepest level of understanding of The PACE® Palette and allows participant’s to quickly implement what they have learned and ultimately achieving the greatest results!

0For considerable information on the products contained in this set, please refer toThe PACE® Palette, The PACE® Palette Participant’s Guide and the Empathy Card Tent Sign.

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