Conflict Resolution Through Color – Trainer’s Package


This package Includes the Conflict Resolution Through Color Leader’s Guide, Conflict Resolution Through Color Participant’s Folder with inserts andEmpathy Card Tent Sign.




This package includes the Conflict Resolution Through Color Leader’s Guide, Conflict Resolution Through Color Participant’s Folder with inserts and Empathy Card Tent Sign.

For over 45 years, we have been incorporating this powerful information in our PACE® seminars with lasting results.  For the first time, it is now available to you directly as a facilitator to utilize in-house within your own organization.

As you are probably aware, the general public is rarely taught how to effectively handle conflict.  Most of us learn to address disagreements or clashes by hoping to problem will go away. We are basically inspired to resolve a disagreeable situation once the consequences of not addressing it outweigh the discomfort of actually confronting it!  During this workshop you will be presenting a logical and nearly painless method of using The PACE® Palette not only to resolve conflict, but also to take action sooner.

By the conclusion of this exciting and effective workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts in communicating with people of other temperament styles (as well as their own!).  They will also clearly recognize the steps to resolving a problem as well as a method to honestly assessing their own perspective on an issue.

The Conflict Resolution Through Color Leader’s Guide text is a comprehensive version of presenting Conflict Resolution Through Color.  It gives exact directions and icons that will guide you to the next step.  We begin with a review of The PACE® Palette and present color-specific information to use and avoid with resolving conflict.

The Conflict Resolution Through Color Participant’s Folder includes a review of the PACE® Palette Joys, Values, Strengths & Stressors, Irritators and Aggravators by COLOR, Team Contributions by Color, Team Detractions by Color, Effective Phrases to Use and to Avoid with each Color, Phrases to Use when You Perceive the Other Person is Hostile, Self-Questioning Series, Mindful Questioning Series, Steps to Resolving Conflict Through Color, Rules of Conduct and Three Steps to Improved Empathy.

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