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Effective Communication Through Color is the 2nd segment of the exciting, highly-interactive (and fun!) PACE® Palette Workshop Series.



$15.50 each – Includes Folder with 5 inserts (volume discounts apply)

Effective Communication Through Color™ is the 2nd segment of the exciting, highly-interactive PACE Palette™ Workshop Series.  This follow-up to the PACE Palette™ allows participants to use what they’ve learned about temperaments and focus specifically on the communications process, thereby allowing a deeper understanding of our differences to influence the outcome of a communication.  Effective Communication Through Color™ is a fun workshop, beginning with a review of the PACE®Palette COLORs and the Joys, Values, Strengths of each as well as their Stressors, Irritators and Aggravators.  A presentation and discussion about effective communications follows and then a participant interaction using the highly memorable PACE Puzzle™.

There is a discussion on Building Better Communication Bridges through Color, Leading Questions to Promote Dialogue (by color), Dangerous and Useful Expressions to use with each of the COLORs, Ideas for Enhancing Communication in The PACE® Puzzle Exercise and Three Steps to Improved Empathy.

This workshop is approx. 2 ½ hours and is ideal for up to 25 people per session.  For more information, see Effective Communication Through Color Trainer’s Package.

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