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This audiotape explores excellence and how to achieve a little more of it by looking at five fundamental keys to excellence in human behavior. Jim defines excellence as the productive, rewarding use of the capacities we have which would include our inborn talents, the knowledge, education, skills and experiences that we have accumulated and taking all this and becoming the best you can be and doing the best you can do. This audiotape is one of our favorite presentations.

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We recently uncovered a treasure trove of vintage audiotapes featuring our late founder, James W. Newman and are very excited to introduce a selection of downloadable .mP3s to our clients and customers.  These timeless presentations are Jim Newman at his best, recorded while speaking to many diverse professional groups around the country with presentations such as “Release Your Brakes!®” “Five Keys to Excellence®” and “You’ve Got to Have a Dream!®

Jim Newman opened the door to greater success and fulfillment for hundreds of thousand of men, women and teenagers all over the world.  In 1961 he created the famous PACE Seminar©, which was written based not upon what is wrong with a person (and how do we fix it?) but through identifying the foundations that successful people share and presenting these in such a unique way as to help create lasting change to his seminar attendees.

Jim’s training programs were widely used by companies like IBM, McDonnell Douglas, Bell South, Hughes Aircraft and many others.  His immensely popular book Release Your Brakes® is now in its 10th printing.  Mr. Newman also developed a PACE© youth program that helped thousands of teenagers learn how to take charge of their lives.  Jim also had a daily feature radio program, “You Make A Difference!” which was heard on radio stations across the country.

Jim Newman was an early pioneer in the study of high performance behavior.  The idea that each of us has our own unique “comfort zone” is just one of the very powerful concepts that he created and is still widely used today.

Jim Newman’s mission was to help individuals and organizations expand the possible and become what they have the potential to be, the thread that is followed in each of these audio selections we are offering.  We invite you to check our website frequently as we will be offering more downloadable .mp3s.

Release Your Brakes Now Available As An Ebook!
The PACE® Organization is excited to now offer Release Your Brakes as an electronic book! Get the "roadmap" for success and download it straight to your device today!