Success Stories

Hamburg, Germany

“As I am a head of the IT department in our company I am applying the principles of “Release your Breaks” with great success in terms of leadership. It gives me confidence when dealing with my staff, clients and vendors. I can better understand the viewpoint of my partners and I can manage and negotiate a better outcome for my partners and the company.

Overmore I am looking into a bright future because I start to understand what, why and how I sometimes limit myself. This new knowledge I can finally “release my breaks”.

Everyone at PACE: Thank you very for bringing this big contribution into my life!”


Cindy Olmstead
President, Olmstead Consulting

“The PACE Palette is an excellent tool to assist individuals in small and large groups, teams or committees understand the value of having different temperaments working together. It helps individuals look at their own strengths and while understanding the importance of different approaches to problem solving, organizing work, risk taking and interacting with people. I have used the Palette for the past 20 years with executive teams, departmental staffs, volunteer groups, not for profit organizations and corporations. I have also used it as a coaching tool and even helped partners improve their communications. Without fail, individuals gain such wonderful insights as to how they approach their world as well as what are the needs of others. Because the concepts of The Palette are easy to remember it has wide appeal to all ages and levels within an organization. Knowing the four temperaments through the four colors allows for everyone to have a common language, which can be used to strengthen daily communication, which helps to sustain its lasting impact. Participants in my Palette sessions always leave energized and filled with many “aha” moments. I love it!!!!”


Iseult O’Doherty
Head of Training, Carr Communication LTD

“We have been using the Pace Palette workshop as an integral part of our Communications and Management Development Programs for the last four years. The workshop has opened people’s eyes in a very real way. They now understand why they behave the way they do. And, most importantly, why other people behave the way they do.

Once they get this they can now communicate far more effectively with others – persuading, influencing and getting buy-in.

The Pace Palette is also great fun and acts as one of the best icebreakers I know.”


Jean Deering
AVP, Business Initiatives Manager

“I love the ease of the palette. It takes very little time and everyone ‘gets it’. There have been so many ah-ha moments with the teams finally understanding each other’s styles and motivation; truly valuable tool.”


Ellen Castro
Chief Energizing Officer and best-selling author of Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust

“The Pace is the best and most pragmatic tool I have used across 17 industries and 11 countries. Regardless of culture, language or other variables, the Palette makes temperaments and communication styles easier to understand and provides immediately applicable insights to adapt to another’s frame of reference for more effective communications and better relationships built on trust.”


Pat Caldie
Partner Organizational Change Advisors, LLC

“As a trainer, I have found that the Pace Palette always provides participants with a quick and easy way to gain important self awareness which is essential to excelling as a leader and as a member of a team.”


Karen Zeilinger
Senior Training Consultant with Wells Fargo Bank

“We have been using the PACE™ Palette successfully in a variety of training sessions. What our managers appreciate most about this instrument is the simplicity and ease of understanding-and applying-the concepts. This leads to better communications and relationships in the workplace, resulting in more effective teams.”


Chris Tobey
Factory Service Director, General Electric

“The PACE™ Palette is a very motivating exercise that promotes fantastic Team Building and self-learning. I recommend the PACE™ Palette program and look forward to using it again.”


Daryle Abrahams
Professional Practice Tutor, 7city Learning 

“As a professional service firm dealing with the worlds largest financial institutions on a daily basis, it is absolutely critical that the tools we use are not only effective, but pragmatic, quick to implement and great value for money. The PACE™Palette has been a best seller since we started using it two years ago. Our clients love the speed, the language and the cost of the tool. They’re always pleasantly surprised at how the tool explains behaviours that had previously mystified them and caused significant misunderstanding between colleagues. Our customers have seen change in many ways as the tool can apply to many scenarios, negotiations, presentations, team work, recruitment, succession planning, project management – basically any situation where two or more humans are engaged in a relationship. We’d highly recommend the accompanying materials so that facilitators get an insight into the background of the product and how it can be used effectively.”


Shari Lippert
Human Assets Learning Manager, AT&T 

“The PACE™ Palette is wonderful! Our employees actually have fun applying the principles of personality profiling and have markedly improved their communication skills in the process. The result is a stronger sense of camaraderie and noticeably more effective teams.”


Ellen Castro
Author, Speaker & Consultant “It’s All About TRUST” 

“Best tool on the market for improving communications and trust! High impact, highly inter-active and immediately applicable to work AND life. I’ts worked on three continents and will work for you. ”


Cynthia Olmstead
President TrustWorks Group, Inc. 

“We use PACE™ Palette with all our clients. It is an excellent tool to help people increase their awareness about what makes them tick as well as others. It is easy to understand so people can remember the information and put it to good use immediately. This tool helps to deflect potential conflicts as it provides a way to approach situations with increased tolerance and better communication.”


Zig Ziglar

“I encourage everyone-regardless of their goals in life-to attend a (PACE™) session….”


Jill Staffne
Human Resource Assistant Manager, State Bank & Trust 

“The PACE™ Personality Profile (PACE™ Palette) has provided our staff with the knowledge about their instinctual characteristics and those on their team to be able to manage and work together more effectively. Simply knowing these characteristics and the patterns behind them also serves as a tool for developing your management style and techniques!”


Scott Otto and Pat Caldie
Organizational Change Advisors 

“The PACE™ Palette is a fantastic instrument to help individuals with self awareness. This tool can greatly improve team dynamics, team communication and group effectiveness. It is easy to use, gives quick, effective results and can be used for multiple applications.

The PACE™ Puzzle has wonderful illustrations of unique challenges of communicating. Using the Puzzle is a fun way to learn to become a better communicator and can enhance sales success.”


Tim McCoy
White Rabbit Group

“I was first introduced to the PACE™ Palette in 2000 while training at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I trained on the bank side and their director of training had this little booklet she passed out to everyone. I have been trained on many instruments and quite frankly thought something this little could not deliver the kind of substance I would look for. Boy, was I wrong. Wonderful things indeed come in small packages. I left Wells a year later but have not left PACE™. I have used the Palette in management training, sales training, and leadership training. It opens up a depth of dialogue that lasts for a long time and people really do refer to their palette to help them understand those they work with. Julie Daughterty has been an absolute joy to work with over the years and I am grateful for the assistance in helping me deliver the outcomes my clients expect.”

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