Daryle Abrahams

“As a professional service firm dealing with the worlds largest financial institutions on a daily basis, it is absolutely critical that the tools we use are not only effective, but pragmatic, quick to implement and great value for money. The PACE™Palette has been a best seller since we started using it two years ago. Our clients love the speed, the language and the cost of the tool. They’re always pleasantly surprised at how the tool explains behaviours that had previously mystified them and caused significant misunderstanding between colleagues. Our customers have seen change in many ways as the tool can apply to many scenarios, negotiations, presentations, team work, recruitment, succession planning, project management – basically any situation where two or more humans are engaged in a relationship. We’d highly recommend the accompanying materials so that facilitators get an insight into the background of the product and how it can be used effectively.”

Release Your Brakes Now Available As An Ebook!
The PACE® Organization is excited to now offer Release Your Brakes as an electronic book! Get the "roadmap" for success and download it straight to your device today!