Tim McCoy

“I was first introduced to the PACE™ Palette in 2000 while training at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I trained on the bank side and their director of training had this little booklet she passed out to everyone. I have been trained on many instruments and quite frankly thought something this little could not deliver the kind of substance I would look for. Boy, was I wrong. Wonderful things indeed come in small packages. I left Wells a year later but have not left PACE™. I have used the Palette in management training, sales training, and leadership training. It opens up a depth of dialogue that lasts for a long time and people really do refer to their palette to help them understand those they work with. Julie Daughterty has been an absolute joy to work with over the years and I am grateful for the assistance in helping me deliver the outcomes my clients expect.”

Release Your Brakes Now Available As An Ebook!
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